Praha 2021 November 7th

15 Year Membership Award
Jim Chapman

St. Johns Picnic July 4th.

Thanks to Gary McKee for pics

Memorial Day 2021

Schulenburg Parade 8th April

New Membership
Stanley Kubenke

2021 Legionnaire of the Year

Dennis Olsovsky

Vietnam Veterans of America check presentation at the 01 June meeting

10 Year Membership Award
Harvey Oeding & Wesley Holub

Fayette County Parade in La Grange

4th September

Placing flags on local graves, 25th of May

Executive Committee doing repairs around the Legion Hall 27 July

Legionnaire of the Year
Ed Semler

Letter of Appreciation to Jim Chapman at the 01 June meeting

2021 Award Winners

Schulenburg KC's donate $250 to the American Legion Flag Fund.
Pictured left to right is American Legion Post 143 Finance Officer Willy Schmidt receiving the donation from Knights Of Columbus and American Legion 143 member Kenneth J. Berger at our March meeting.

Moulton Parade

25 July

SAL Donation to the Gardenia Janssen Animal Shelter

Schulenburg American Legion McBride Post 143

The following awards are from our January meeting.

Memorial Service 4th of May

5 Year Membership Award
CW Leonard & Vernon Dittrich.

Drive thru Dinner and Bake Sale April 7th

2021 Christmas Party

40 Year Membership Award
James Brossmann

Gadenke Parade in Weimar, 8th of May

Eugene Krupala presenting his grandson David Krupala with a post scholorship